3 Mei 2009

Green Canyon

Green canyon at Indonesia?”. Green Canyon is a river-cave-waterfall unique travel spot located at 31 km south of Pangandaran. The real name is Cukang Taneuh, Green Canyon itself called by some france tourist when they first visit at 1993.

Green Canyon is part of Cijulang River that goes through a cave full of stalactites and stalagmites surrounded by two beautiful green hills. Boat to green canyon can be rented at the Ciseureuh dock to reach this area. Green Canyon is located not far from Batukaras and Nusawiru Airport (31 km south of Pangandaran)

At the entrance of the cave lies the Palatar waterfall. The waterfall gives this area cool and adventures atmosphere. Not far from here you will find an amazing natural pool, the water really fresh and cool, you should try swim here!

If you like extreme activity, you can go inside through the cave by crawling on the cave wall, better do it with local guide. The route is very extreme, sometime you need to jump on rock from side to side.

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