4 Agustus 2008

Bunaken Marine National Park, North Celebes

picture courtesy by goggle picture

What visit to North Sulawesi is complete without one day to view the spectacular coral gardens of the Bunaken Marine Reserve. Declared a Marine Park in 1991, it is acknowledged as one of the top dive sites in the world. It is about 40 minutes drive from the resort to one of the dive centers or to the central harbor, where a motorized outrigger canoe or dive boat will whisk you to Bunaken Island in about 45 minutes.

Bunaken National Park is Marine Park with the most various species in the world. The fascination under water life in water territory of this a real Bunaken national park varieties, specific, on unique, and exotic, make this area as the beautiful North Sulawesi tourism and grow as one of famous marine park tourism object in the world.

Darwis Triadi workshop at Sheraton Hotel - Surabaya

Awal Juni lalu Darwis Triadi mengadakan workshop di Hotel Sheraton Surabaya dengan tema "Glamourus Photography". Diikuti lebih dari 200 orang peserta dari yang amatir sampai profesional. Disini Darwis juga memperkenalkan pembukaan "Darwis Triadi School of Photogaphy" dipertengahan Juni 2008.