15 Juni 2009

Alas Purwo National Park

Alas Purwo National Park is situated on Blambangan Peninsula, at the south eastern tip of East Java. The park's name means "First Forest", in accordance with a Javanese legend that says the earth first emerged from the ocean here. With an area of 434 km², the park is made up of mangroves, savanna, lowland monsoon forests and coral-fringed beaches.

An internationally renowned surf break peels along the edge of the park at Plengkung, on the Bay of Grajagan. Mount Linggamanis (322m) is also located in this national park. Between the months of April and September, thousands of surfers from all over the world visit G-Land, which is about half a day's travel from Bali.

Plengkung, in the southern part of the Park, is almost legendary among the world's top surfers. They call it "G-Land". The name is derived from its location in Teluk Grajagan (Grajagan Bay), which resembles the letter "G".Moreover, it is located a short distance from a stretch of tropical rain forest which always looks green (hence green land or "G-land"). Plengkung is one of the top four locations for surfing in the world and can be ranked alongside surf sites in Hawaii, Australia, and South Africa.

Walking along the white sand beach from Trianggulasi to Plengkung, visitors will come across an area of buckshot-like sand. The grains are yellow in colour and have a diameter of around 2.5 mm.

Sadengan is the feeding ground for wild animals in the area of Alas Purwo National Park. The visitors can see the wild animals such as wild bull, barking deer, wild pig, peacock, jungle fowl and many kind of birds. The wild animals are grassing and can be seen in the morning and afternoon from the viewing tower.

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