4 Juni 2009

Kelimutu National Park

Mt. Kelimutu, 1.690m fifty years ago, had three lakes, one lake was blue green, one fiery green and one red. Thirty years later, the colors had changed to blue, red brown and cafe au lait. Now, Ata Bupu (Lake) is a dramatic dark-brown. Ata Polo are dark red-brown, and only Nuwa Muri remains aquamarine or turquoise as it apparently always was.

Of all the volcanos in Indonesia, Keli Mutu on the island of Flores appears to have the most exotic lakes. In fact, its lakes are so brightly colored that they are featured on the 5,000 rupiah bill and thought of as a national treasure by the people of Indonesia.

The Magical Colors of Kelimutu Lake This name is related to the three craters of Mount Kelimutu. Each crater has water of different colors, and the water color can change at anytime. Local people called them the red, blue and white lakes.

It is not unusual to see all these three colors as they are, but during the month the color combination might change to become red, blue or greenish. And the green color might change again into greenish-black. This is not the work of magic, but it is real.This is the miracle of the Kelimutu Lake.

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