17 November 2011

Birthday Surprise at afternoon Sunday BBQ

Lately we have a routine event with a friends from BBM groups called "Hoopenks". Actually we were meet from Jember, my Junior High School friends. But mostly we never know each other before, just only chatting or message via Social Networking. Thanks to Friendster, Facebook, Twitter who make it happen :D

September 2011 eighteenth afternoon
last month our "Pak Ketua" Yakob made a lunch birthday at XO Suki Grand City. We planned a surprise birthday !! Think Think, actually this is a crazy thing that we can do for our ages. LOL. Yakob get his head full of powder, YES... And we give a present with our own made t-shirt. This is so good...

 Loves this Photo!!

October 2011 twenty three afternoon 
This is my time, a week after my birthday at 17 October. I made the BBQ party at my backyard. Before that I'd like to made a afternoon tea party at Saturday, but a couple member doesn't get it. So, Sunday would be a perfect time for it. Preparing the food, beef steak, burger steak, french frise, Rujak manis, Sausage and beras kencur for beverage. The Kids was fully meal with our "Pepper Lunch's" burger steak, bough at Papaya Market.

At the end of lunch I have a surprise cake, it's a Perfect!! A Square spiku with icing on top, a man (that would be me) with his stuff. Camera, traveling bag, plane and also "red bikini". Nice, very very nice!! Thanks guys for that theme cakes, I loves it.

Make a wish time, and I'll get my powder also egg fully on my head!! LOL, yes you make it!! Retaliation what am doing last month. Hahaha....

Oh yeah, opened my present and get two batik shirt. Great guys, you know that I'm the "Pak RT", it would be uniform right.

Thanks for that birthday surprise, the best birthday I ever had.

Last but not least, it's ARISAN time!! And the lucky winner for this mount is....... BU PENDETAAAA.... Congratulations!!

my Pajamas birthday shoot

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