8 Februari 2008

Gili Meno

The middle island, the smallest of the three Gili's and it is the quietest with fewer tourists. A great escape for honeymooners or someone who wants to get away from it all.

Special features of the island is the salt lake and spectacular dive sites such as, Meno Wall, Sea Turtle Point, and Blue Coral Point. The beach on eastern part of the island is very nice and there's snorkeling just offshore and further north.

In the past Meno was known to have lots of mosquitoes but steps have been taken to control it. Still the best time to visit the island is during dry season. There are many options for an enjoyable holiday on the islands. You can rent snorkeling equipment, join a diving course, or just snorkeling off-the-shore to see the magnificent coral reefs and fishes.

There are few quality scuba diving operations on all the islands. The blue coral garden around the north east of gili meno can be reached by snorkeling off-the-beach. Turtle point and meno wall located in the north west of Gili Meno and can be reached only by boat. Join any of the boat dive trips available.

While the island is busiest from May through August, the quieter off-season from January to April provides a better opportunity to enjoy all the islet has to offer, with accommodation prices at their lowest level. To get around the isle, the only means of transport are Cidomos, horse drawn carriages. Bicycle rentals are available too. Expect higher prices for most things there since all food and goods must be brought over from the mainland.

Imlek sudah datang, semua merayakan dengan suka cita menyambut Tahun Baru China.

Gong Xi Fa Cai,
Xin Nien Guai Le,
Sen Ji Nien Gang,
Wan Se Ru Ie.

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