24 Desember 2007

Lore Lindu National Park

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The natural beauty of Lore Lindu National Park, one of a handful of flora and fauna conservation centers in Sulawesi, has for years been threatened by development initiatives.

However, if South Sulawesi Governor Bandjela Paliudju has his way, the park, located 60 kilometers to the south of South Sulawesi’s capital Palu, will be given a chance to flourish once again.

At the time, even the South Sulawesi chapter of the Indonesian Forum for the Environment (Walhi), a non-governmental organization, supported plans for development. Walhi representatives said they believed the Dongi-Dongi area could be developed because a forest concession holder once operated in the area.

The park sits between 200 meters and 2,610 meters above sea level. It serves as the water catchment area for Palu, Donggala and Poso. The Lariang, Gumbasa and Palu rivers pass through the park, which is rich in flora and fauna.

It is home to various types of native animals, such as deer hogs, ghost monkeys, kuskus, kera kakak tonkea, kuskus marsupial and the biggest carnivorous animal in Sulawesi — the civet cat.The park is also home to at least five species of squirrel, 31 species of rat, 55 species of bat and 230 types of birds.


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